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Rise Up A Live, Fully-Interactive Virtual Retreat Offers Exciting Opportunity for Youth & Family Events

Array of Hope has created a one-of-a-kind digital event personalized for parishes, schools, and other Catholic organizations seeking to catechize and evangelize in a COVID-19 reality.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, parishes and dioceses are working to maintain effective and meaningful faith formation for the coming school year.

RISE UP is a truly interactive, live, multidimensional virtual retreat.

The Rise Up” Live, Fully-Interactive Virtual Retreat provides a remote experience that is dynamic, inspirational, and interactive, making the attendee truly part of the event. It enables parishes or dioceses to plan with more stability in the midst of the uncertainties of what reopening will look like.

This virtual Retreat brings together solid catechesis, personal faith stories from young adults, prayer experiences, musical performances, and live interaction with participants to provide a powerful, faith-building experience that helps young people grow in their love of Jesus Christ.

A 1-2 hour virtual event is ideal for Confirmation retreats or other faith building events for parishes, schools, and other ministries focused on evangelization and fostering dynamic encounters with Christ.

The Live interactive components include faith-focused discussions, inspiring music, moving testimonials, and a variety of interactive segments such as trivia games and contests, personal faith sharing, and polls giving attendees a sense of participating at the event in person. Retreat materials are available for download during the event for participants to keep for further study.

Parishes could also utilize the event as a family formation experience to allow parents to participate in the same events with their children. Events can be customized to meet the faith formation goals for individual parishes helping to make each event a unique experience connected to the parish or host organization.


Frequently Asked Questions

About the Virtual Event

1What inspired you to create this one-of-a-kind live, virtual event?

The Church is in need of viable retreats for children and families in their faith formation programs.

2With so many other virtual conferences happening right now, how is “Rise Up” different?

This program is interactive right from the beginning and engages the attendee to participate and be part of the event.

3How is the event interactive?

There are opportunities for the attendees to engage in Trivia games through A Live virtual stage as well as include live questions for presenters, involvement in prayer service (e.g., reading), real time prayer requests, etc.

4What is required of parishes or other host organizations to offer this interactive event?

Nothing, just say yes.

5Is there a cost to host the event?

The events costs are offset by a modest stipend paid by the host site or through a registration fee from the family.

6If a parish wants to sample this virtual retreat, can they participate to see what it feels like?

Yes, contact or call us for an appointment so we can offer a more detailed presentation and demo of the event

7How can people learn more about Array of Hope and how you are serving the Church through your events?

Contact or call us. We are happy to share with you the many things we are developing at Array of Hope.

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