“Vision Statement”

Array of Hope is the primary source for creating and producing transformative events, films and music for Catholic parishes, dioceses and faith-based organizations.

“Mission Statement”

Array of Hope exists to reveal the “Truths of our Faith” by creating high quality films, music and events.

Seeking to address the decline of God in our culture, we are empowered with His grace to capture the hearts of families and awaken an inner desire to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Purpose & Direction”

Jesus spoke in simple parables to connect with people by using every day stories to reveal theological truths and principles. He spoke to people in this convincing, loving and logical manner so they could relate and understand the truth of His words. Array of Hope believes in revealing the truths of our faith through platforms to which people are most receptive and in a way that is relatable, revealing and transformative. "It is clear, therefore, that one priority of the new evangelization consists precisely in helping the man of our time to encounter God personally and to live with him and for him” (Message of John Paul II to the 3rd International Thomistic Congress, 2003).

Array of Hope evangelizes the faithful through each of its specific ministries: (1) The Array of Hope Concert, (2) Array of Hope Films and Music, and (3) Array of Hope Youth.

(1) The Array of Hope Concert is a wide-ranging live performance which features multiple musical acts, motivational speakers, and thought-provoking film presentations that joyously provide a counterweight to the negative media surrounding today’s society. Bringing in renowned musicians and speakers from the Catholic community along with our very own talented performers, the Array of Hope team entertains and engages the audience while transforming hearts through powerful witness of God’s eternal love for His people.

(2) Array of Hope Films and Music creates beautiful short films and music that inspire the faithful while teaching them various topics pertaining to the Catholic Faith. Our dynamic group of religious and lay presenters address the degradation of our popular culture, the lack of spirituality surrounding us, and the rise of secularism in our society. Our music and films promote Christ’s Gospel while engaging the audience with content that specifically addresses issues they face daily.

Our Bits of Hope films have been promoted on many social and television media outlets such as EWTN, Catholic Television Network, The NET, Ignatius Press, Telecare TV, The You Cat, Shalom World TV, Pauline Books and Media, and St. Augustine institute’s FORMED. In fact, one of our most successful film projects has been Fatima Gems, which is a 13-part video series that explores the impact of the life-changing messages promulgated by our Blessed Mother to three young children over 100 years ago in Fatima, Portugal. This series was hosted by the late Father Andrew Apostoli, who was the co-founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

(3) Modeled after the Array of Hope Concert experience, Array of Hope Youth serves as a supplement for the Archdiocesan, Parochial, and School youth programs. Whether it’s preparing the youth for Confirmation or providing faith-building retreats, the Array of Hope team nurtures the younger crowd’s curiosity and desire to know Christ’s truth through powerful performances, films, and storytelling. As the youth begin opening their hearts to the messages given to them by our presenters, they begin to see the incredible work God has done in their own lives. In turn, they become fully aware of their innate desire to know and love God, understand their role as Christ’s disciples, and open their hearts completely to the graces given to them by the Holy Spirit.

At Array of Hope, we recognize that the truth passed on to us by Christ, has the power to drown out the negative messages given to us by our society. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, our advanced equipment, and well-equipped presenters and musicians, we have honed in on our gifts to amplify Christ’s truth while captivating the youth and their families. In turn, the Gospel message is infused into the hearts of the faithful, and they are inspired to share His message with their families and communities. As St. John Paul II said, “Faith is strengthened when it is given to others.”