Since the very beginning of Christianity, the Christian family has been identified as the Domestic Church (or “Little Church”) because families are not only the visible signs of the Holy Trinity, but the foundation for love, discipleship, and holiness. Jesus is calling all of our families to be faithful. The Array of Hope team has come up with a unique plan to catechize the youth along with their families and inspire them to grow in their faith.

The Families of Hope experience invites families to celebrate who they are as a Domestic Church and their vital role in our society. We provide catechesis and formation throughout the entire event but do so in a way that is attractive and appealing to those who attend. We share about the importance of God in the family and the loving support prayer can bring to the spiritual and emotional development of our families. This would be a great start for parishes that are seeking to revitalize their parishioners and form disciples!

Families of Hope Retreat Package

This package includes a retreat specifically designed for parents and children, optional family activities, and a live concert event for the entire family to enjoy.

The Array of Hope production is completely self-contained, and our packages include a complete sound system and visual equipment (including projectors and screens) to accommodate any size room.

The Model

The Array of Hope team provides a multimedia experience for attendees which includes: powerful music, short videos, interactive activities, small group discussions, engaging witness talks and uplifting prayer that will help families dive deeper into a personal relationship with Christ.

Following the retreat is a live multimedia Family Concert that focuses on the three Theological Virtues (Faith, Hope, and Love), the sanctity of life, the importance of God in the family, and the loving support prayer can bring to the spiritual and emotional development of us and our families.

Families of Hope Sample Outline

The Retreat begins with an invitation for families to come as they are and enter into a spiritual journey through the Catholic faith. The Array of Hope team provides music and interactive activities that pump up the families for what God has in store for them.

Families learn about the rich history of the Catholicism and begin to understand the importance of our faith and how much of a vital role they play in continuing the Church tradition within their own homes.

After providing various keynote presentations and engaging with the families through films, testimonies, music, and interactive games. Families are placed into small groups where they can participate in breakout sessions geared towards the youth and parents.

Sample Break Out Sessions (Youth Track and Parent Track):

  • Youth Track: There are many problems facing our youth today, and it's due to the negative impacts of our media and culture. In these breakout sessions, presenters address these issues and provide solutions for the youth as they continue journeying towards holiness.
  • Parent Track: With the busyness of life, it is very difficult for families to interact with their children, let alone place God in the center of their lives. In these breakout sessions, we will focus on parenting as faithful Catholics, ways to strengthen our families, and provide tools to promote our faith within our homes.

As we close the Retreat portion of this event, we inspire families to become intentional disciples in their homes, parishes, and communities.

Families have an opportunity to have lunch or dinner. This is a beautiful opportunity for families who are always on the run to sit and eat a meal together. It is a great way for them to catch up and share their retreat experiences with one another.

Conclusion- Array of Hope Concert: Family Retreat will end with a 70 - 90-minute Array of Hope live family concert!

Families of Hope Deluxe Package

The Host may choose to add any or all of the following options to the Families of Hope Event:

  • Reconciliation: Families are given an opportunity to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation by going through the 10 Commandments together. They are able to experience the beauty of the Sacrament by going to Confession, seeking forgiveness, and receiving God’s love and mercy.
  • Adoration: During this time, families are invited to worship our Lord in silence and through songs of praise. They are given an opportunity to pray for one another in the presence of the Lord. Array of Hope will provide praise and worship music for Adoration.
  • Mass: This is a great opportunity for families to unite their prayers and intentions while receiving our Lord through the liturgy of the Word and the liturgy of the Eucharist. This strengthens the families’ union with Jesus. So many special graces are bestowed on families during mass. Array of Hope will provide music for the mass.

For more information, you can call us at (201) 261-3372 or email us at info@arrayofhope.net.